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I have some questions regarding retroactive pay. I was medically separated in June of 2005. I was awarded disability at 30 percent from the V.A. In 2009 and then it was upgraded to 60 percent in 2014 for service connected issues. I was separated with a lump sum payout which was then recouped from my V.A. Disability Pay monthly until it was repaid. I recently received my letter stating that my medical separation will be upgraded from separated to medically retired. If my current VA disability pay is greater than my medically retired disability pay rate, am I correct in assuming that there would be no retro pay? Shouldn’t I at least be entitled to the money that was recouped (my original settlement)?


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Correct, if your VA pay is greater than your DoD then you keep getting only your VA pay. As for the recoupment of separation pay by the VA; as a retiree you are not eligible for separation pay, so that moves from the left hand to the right hand and you are due 0.
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