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17 January 2019 I had surgery on my left foot which was to correct my bunion, place a plate and rods in my foot, and also there was an insertion on my calf muscle to release the tensions that was causing my toes to grow outwards. I'm currently 6 months post-op and I still can't run or do regular PT. At times there is still pain in my foot. I was recommended to get the surgery done in both feet, but my left foot was more serve than the right. I don't meet my surgeon again until 2 July 2019 to determine if I should get a permanent profile or not. Is it possible that I can get Med boarded based on the level of the permanent profile? If I do get Med Boarded can anyone guess the rating I would get for my conditions?

Listed below is the medical term of my surgery:
Left Lapidus procedure for hallux valgus and gastrocnemius recession. She had loss of articular cartilage on the metatarsal head.
First tarsal metatarsal arthrodesis with distal soft tissue procedure and allograft bone graft.
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