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I thought I was retired...NOT!!! The mistakes continue....


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Here's a copy of an email I sent to my PEBLO today (still a/w answer/response):

I wanted to let you know I've had some serious issues regarding my retirement processes and was hoping you could up-channel these issues to the appropriate office at AFPC.

1. DD214: I contacted the individual/office below about the DD214 on 27 Sep 09 and at the same time submitted an online application. I was told there were many DD214s ahead of mine, but it would be completed in time. Today I contacted ARPC to find out the status of the DD214 and opened up a new trouble ticket (1557990). Not only was the DD214 never done, there was no record of my request. In addition, the technician told me that AFPC was supposed to send them a copy of my retirement orders to complete the DD214, but they had NOT received it. He told me it would take 3-4 weeks to complete as I was now behind everyone else in the queue--even though my request was made months prior.

2. DEERS/retirement: When we went to the DEERS office on 3 Jan 11, we were told that AFPC had input the MILPDS incorrectly and showed me as a retired "gray area" reservist and I wouldn't receive pay until I turned 60. I was issued a pink reserve ID card with no medical benefits. I explained that not only did I have over 20 years of active duty service, I was being disability retired at 70%. We were finally able to get help from another technician who contacted another DEERS office who was able to override the incorrect information.

3. TRICARE: After getting the information corrected in DEERS, we went to the Tricare office and were told we were supposed to have submitted the Tricare application 30 days prior to retirement and that our Tricare benefits would not be available until 1 Feb 11. Nowhere at no time did anyone ever inform me of this requirement. A delay until Feb would result in an interruption of ongoing medical treatments and home health care.

4. RETIRED PAY: I contacted the retired pay office at DFAS and was told they were still showing me as a "reservist" and had no information regarding my retired pay as AFPC had not sent the needed information.

I would like to formally request that AFPC investigate these issues and report back with an explanation for what happened to preclude similar situations in the future. It appears that either the distribution of the orders was not made, or that those receiving them did :mad::mad:


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Wow, what a FUBAR!!! Have you thought about calling your representative? I hope that is corrected soon so that you can move on!


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WOW...being a member of the CB-WTU AR, I had a buddy drop off the Active Army Reserve rolls because of his MRD in July, even tho he was still on MRP2 orders. He finally got it fixed within 72 hours by calling HRC. I am all about using the chain of command, however, like we are all told...."You have to manage your own career."

I would go VFR direct to AFPC and ask for the smart person in the office! :cool: