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ICD implanted and VA claim


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Here are my facts:

OCT 2019: I had a VT event and ended up in the ER (over 180 bpm) and spent the weekend going through tests leading to no conclusion. This was not during any military duty.
AUG 2021: I had another VT event (over 200 bpm) with a recommendation of implanting an ICD. This occurred while on Annual Training orders. The LOD was determined as "not in Line of Duty." Is this a pre-existing condition? Or was it a condition exacerbated by military service?

I am reaching out to determine how to approach this. I have over 30 "good years" of Reserve Duty toward retirement.

I have already requested for JAG review to determine if the LOD was in LOD. I also have to respond back to HRC regarding intentions of remaining as a USAR reservist. Lastly, I am trying to determine how this impacts my VA claim.


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You really need expert legal advice. The military must be able to demonstrate why they arrived at the decision is was not aggravated by military service.