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Nov 2018- PCM
Nov 2018- Podiatry
Nov 2018- Podiatry
DEC 2018- PCM
4 Dec - MEB Initiated
~12 Dec - VA claims initiated
Jan 2019 - VA C&P exams completed
28 Jan - PEB unfit findings
3 Feb- VA Claims processing
14 Mar- Va Claim showing Decision Pending

My questions are:
1) If granted severance pay along with VA Compensation will the entire amount be withheld or just the amount granted for the unfit conditions?
For example if my unfit condition are my feet and DOD and VA rating is 20%. My other SC conditions are a combined rating of 60% will I still receive 40% VA compensation?
2) Taxation of Servance Pay refunded:
Has anyone successfully completed the process for non-combat related conditions?
  1. When will I receive a DD 214? I will have maybe 2.5 leave days and plan on taking the full 10 days of clearing plus 20 days of PTDY. If that process begins 1 April and ends 30 April will I receive it within the next few days? I was fortunate enough to land a job at the VA with NEO held on 13 May. I can’t officially begin until I have submitted my 214 to HR. I have read/advised to upload my 214 in my VA portal as soon as I receive it.
  2. How is the final paycheck calculated and disbursed? I will end owing for some CIF items that is cheaper to take a Stament of charge for instead of purchasing.
Thanks in advance for your wisdom.
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