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Good Morning everyone,

Wondering if anyone can help me. My PLEBO is useless, has misguided info since day 1. I already 170+ days in without ratings. My "Ratings" are three weeks past the estimated date. This Med Board has been a nightmare. Everything was fine until around the holidays. They had a system glitches and I got pushed back another 60 days. I'm kind of over this process and feel that its never going to end. My family and I have no Idea what is Going on and we are wondering if anyone has experienced this before.

My TimeLine

10/31/2016 Initiated MEB
11/08/2016 VA Claims
01/27/2017 MEB
03/09/2017 PEB
VA Ratings??

This whole process is frustrating, and I'm mentally drained. Any help or experience with this?


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The "wondering" is a common problem. The system rarely works fast. Mine was over a year from start to last day at work! Hoe you get word soon.

BTW, the PEBLO is in the dark also. Their job is large admin. They don't have as much visibility in the process as one might think. Many are contractors!
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