Idiopathic cardiomyopathy, svt


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Was just notified that I'll be submitted for a MEV today, if what I've read is correct, I'll be in contact the PEBLO soon. I'm currently at 3.5 years of service.

I've got idiopathic cardyomiopathy, with an EF of 39%. I've also got svt.

It looks like the cardyomiopathy will put me at 60%, and the svt could bump me up to 70 if it's severe enough.

I'm trying to get information on what I'm looking at as far as separation; this is service connected so am I going to be medically retired?


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If this is service connected, you should be medially retired.

Because you have only been in for 3.5 years, they may try to claim the condition existed prior to service (EPTS). If this happens, they must provide clear and unmistakable evidence that it did.

All you need to demonstrate is that it is more likely than not connected to service.


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Basically, the condition was discovered during pt, I felt light headed, dizzy and short of breath with little exertion. I was probably only running a 12:30 pace for my mile and a half. I've got consistent scores in affms with with sub 10 times, so I think it's a new thing.

I'm pretty active, I went to state for swim in high school and was captain of our waterpolo team. I used to run often and rock climbing was something I did daily for my first couple years in. My cardiologist said it's very unlikely that this condition existed before or I would have found extreme difficulty doing all of these things.


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I don't really thing that anything happened in the line of duty, the cardiologist said that a virus probably hit my heart recently and damaged it, which makes sense because I've been deathly I'll a couple times in the past year.
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