Idopathic Cardiomyopathy (Ejection Fraction 35%)

JL White

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I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy in May of 2015. I have an Ejection Fraction of 35% in the left ventricle and 50% in the right. I have been placed on Alpha and Beta Blockers with no end in sight. I was referred to a Fit for Duty board and found unfit. My MEB has started and I have my first VA medical appointments soon. I guess the reason I am on here is, I would just like to hear from people who have been through the process with this condition. What outcomes and lessons learned? any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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You would be looking at a rating of 60% for the unfitting condition of cardiomyopathy based upon the ejection fraction (left ventricle between 30 to 50%).

My recommendation when you meet with your MSC at the VA is to claim each and every single condition that has inpaired you since you have joined the military.

To be eligible for the next higher rating for cardiomyopathy, which is 100% your left ventricle ejection fraction would have to be less than 30%
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