I'm in a situation I am unfamiliar with and could use any help....


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My wife and I are Mil to Mil. She got an assignment notification a few days ago to a job she applied for in AMS. Her orders are driving our PCS. Here is where it gets confusing for me. I am currently code 31, and in a short time I will be assigned a 37 putting me on hold here at our current base. I have been told a few different outcomes of this situation. One is that she will go on and I will stay until I get cleared or separated depending on the outcome of my MEB. Two is that her RNLTD will be extended until my code has been lifted or I am separated. Three is that her orders will get cancelled flat out. We don't want to change our join spouse code, and have been told that it would be better if we in case of a possiblity of me being returned to duty with a retrain. This assignment could be huge for her career progression and I don't want this to slip past her because I'm held here. There are so many actions we are being told to take, but no one can seem to give me a straight answer on the best course. If anyone has been in a similar situation or has seen this before, any advice is greatly appreciated!


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Are you in the Air Force? If so, PM me so we can talk...I worked assignments in AFPC.
His name, “ Acrophicairman “ suggests AF (obviously).

He is fortunate you are available to assist him.

I am glad you are a member of this forum.

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