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When we start talking about MEB/PEB about various injuries we seem to always overlook one huge thing and it is critical that it is attended to.

When you receive an injury that is from some form of violence, you could very well develop some level of PTSD. Here's a link to information about PTSD.

It is very difficult for us to admit to ourselves that there may just be something psychologically wrong with us and society doesn't help.

But, you need to seek help.

Another issue is when we come to the realization that we cannot do the things we used to be able to do due to illness or injury. This is one I have a whole lot of experience with. There is a huge chance you are dealing with at least one level of depression. Here's a link to the symptoms.

DO NOT be afraid to seek help for any psychological issues. The longer you wait, the worse they get. It is NOT something you can ignore or tough it out or put a bandaid on.

Further, you MUST ensure your psychological issues are not only raised on your MEB/PEB, but that they are rated. I got screwed on that, I did have anywhere near the information back in 93 that I do now.

Remember, you are the only one that will look out for your best interests, so DO IT.

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