Incapacitated child

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Does anyone have information on this topic and how it works
Not enough information to answer. Under what benefit? DoD, VA? On what basis are you thinking there might be benefits and what benefits are you seeking? The question and topic is too broad to be of much help in attempting to answer the question.


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VA and DOD. My understanding is that there is a benefit if your children are not able to take care of themselves. I have three autistic children 1 nonverbal.

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For VA they have to be disabled before 18 by medical evidence. The benefit is called "helpless child." They don't pay it until the "helpless child" is 18, as they'd be a "regular child" until then on your award. Essentially, if awarded they stay on as a dependent past age 18. "All other entries on this chart reflecting a rate for children show the rate payable for children under 18 or helpless. "

The information necessary to establish the extent of the disability includes

the extent to which the child is physically or mentally deficient, such as the

ability of the child to perform self-care functions, and

ordinary tasks expected of a child of that age

whether or not the child attended school and the maximum grade attended

if any material improvement in the child’s condition has occurred

if the child has ever been employed and, if so, the

nature and dates of such employment, and

amount of pay received

whether or not the child has ever married, and

a description of the child’s present condition.
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