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Hello, I just was told by my PCM nurse that I was allergic to shellfish and that I will be going through the Medboard process. I had a severe reaction to something prior to getting tested and the ly concluded I was allergic to shellfish and pretty much everything outside. I’m an electrical systems craftsman in CE by the way.

Well, I also been going going to Mental health for about a year and she diagnosed me with Anxiety/Depression/PTSD from my JET Tasked deployment to Baghdad Iraq.

I also had foot surgery in Oct. 2017 due to fracturing my foot at PT in 2016. I had X-rays while stationed in Japan and my PCM told me it was hyper extended. Fast forward a year of excruciating pain; I decided to go to a specialist. After X-rays and CAT scans the specialist determined I fractured it, a cyst grew and shifted my bones 14mm. I had 5 different procedures done to correct my foot issue; however, now I cannot run, move 3 of my toes, and after wearing boots all day I have to ice my foot regular and take pain meds.

I have really bad migraines which I take medicine for, but the pills i am taking makes me extremely tired so I usually deal with the pain until after duty.

I guess my question is: does anyone have any idea how to go about this MEB process. I haven’t been coded 37 yet. I am not afraid of getting out the AF. I just do not want to deal with the headaches of doing a MEB.


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You just go to the appointments that are set up for you. Other than the constant waiting for this that and the other it is painless. Did I mention the waiting? Happy 4th.
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