Initial NARSUM with one unfitting condition; received two additional P3s after receiving 199 IPEB


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I started MEB in July for a right torn labrum and completed C&P in July. NARSUM found unfit for torn labrum, but denied IMR for PTSD, migraines, and the left torn labrum. Finally received P3 forPTSD, migraines, and the left torn labrum. Received 199 in October, but only for the right torn labrum. Declined IPEB 199 and requested FPEB. FBEB scheduled for May 2023.

Will the MEB write an updated NARSUM that includes all four P3s? Is their a process to request an updated NARSUM for PTSD, migraines, the right torn labrum, andthe left torn labrum?

PEBLO states that MEB will defer for the PEB to consider new conditions at the FPEB. It does not makes sense to not send an updated NARSUM TO the PEB. Is this the process?