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For those of you in the MEB/PEB process I just had something told to me on the Military Physical Evaluation Board FB group. It’s another good resource if you want information. However, I was just told that in eBenefits, if you’re in the process, once your case is forwarded back to the PEB and completed by the VA, check your historic claims on eBenefits. Once your claim is completed, you’ll have a historic claim there that shows completed, along with the original open claim that will still be stuck at Gathering Evidence. They won’t close the one with Gathering Evidence until your DD 214 is uploaded. Essentially it’ll look like this.


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Thanks, @Sfletcher1096! eBenefits is getting to be a better and better resource every day!

At the bottom right of any eBenefits page, there's a little box for VA live chat. They get very busy very quickly, but it's typically a short wait time to live chat with an agent early in the day (around 10 Eastern, when they open). If you ask nicely, after your claim moves over to Historical, you can get them to mail or fax you a copy of your rating decision directly. You'll get it sooner or later from your PEBLO, but if you don't want to wait for him to get back from leave or return a phone call, this can save you a few weeks of heartache and uncertainty.

I don't know whether they are supposed to do it or not, because sometimes the agents say yes and sometimes they say no. But it's worth a shot.
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