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I was informed of the clinic MEB submission in March 2020.
Had MEB sent to DC in May 2020.

I have a question on what to expect/do at this point? Should I be looking for a job? Should I be looking into other benefits? I have 16 years in service and was prepared for ending career at 20 yrs. The MEB paper work said poor outlook for return. The command endorsement said good Coastie but not WW deployable. The Dr. eval says I want to stay in and am motivated to do so. Its hard to tell if i have a chance to stay in and finish career based on MEB submission. My symptoms make it difficult to work so I am worried about my future obviously and dont have many civilian skills.

What do you think is the average of military medical retirement compensation I can expect? I have 3 diagnosis submitted that overlap. The DBQ was about %30-%50 based on VARD. Is it better to go with VA? If my injury incurred in SAR is it possible to file CRSC? Sorry for the chaotic post but this process is difficult since I have no control. Just basically looking for advice in general.


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Hello @DTS8 ,


Military medical retirement compensation
: Whatever DoD disability percentage you receive (example only, 60%), it will be multiplied times your average high three base pay for retirement (unless your longevity multiplier is higher...16 AD yrs x 0.025 = 40%). In accordance with current law, that amount will be reduced by the amount of VA compensation you receive. See the CRSC reference below.

CRSC: A collection of CRSC information, including examples, is at A Supplement to CRSC Information <---LINK

Civilian job skills: You mentioned, "...and don't have many civilian skills." With 16 years service, I suspect you have considerable management skills. Many employers gladly accept former military personnel. I spend 16 years total overseas, including my last three in the Army and found acceptable work within three weeks of my retirement
( in a city where I had never visited). Additionally, it involved procedures and processes to which I had never been exposed.

I wish good luck for you. Others can better answer your other concerns.

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