IPEB Proposed Disposition

Looking for more insight into this. If The VA sent my proposed ratings on 04 MAY 23, does this mean that the PEB is now 2 weeks over the timeline written in the DoD instruction? Does this say that the PEB has 5 days from proposed ratings to compiling my DA199? Any info is greatly appreciated.IDES.jpg
Short answer is yes, that it does say 5 days. But, at the heading of this section is that these are stage "goals." Section 6.1.a. states that "The goal is for the DoD and VA to complete 80 percent of all Service member cases in no more than 180 days, starting from the date of referral to the IDES and ending on the date of return to duty, separation, or retirement." I can attest that I am one of the 20% due to some variables that happened in my case. I had extra Disability Exams that were requested by MED after a first round; the MEB added an additional condition (they thought it should be separated out from one other condition); and then the PEB asked for a "correction" to VA ratings because they did not like that one was 'combined' with a 'fit' condition, and another that was not specified to their liking.
I know that this is kind of old, but I would interested in knowing if they meet the 80% mark. Seems like everyone on here is part of the 20% as @J3ffSD put it. Lol