Is there any update on Concurrent Receipt for Chapter 61 Under 20 Years?


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Just looking to see if the purposal I see so much about, had a outcome. Are there any rumors?



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Last year's attempt in Congress failed. Nothing yet on this year.



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Any updates on this? Thank you.
"Concurrent Receipt for Chapter 61 Under 20 Years?"
Not yet.

The FIRST approved version from Congress on the NDAA 2013 didn't have anything in it.

But the Senate still has some say-so, and a couple of Senators may try to add language to improve this area - and may add some language to other areas as well.

However, just remember, every year some type of more inclusive language gets into the NDAA, but every year it's eventually removed - tossed to the cutting room floor. And sometimes at the last minute. Almost like an expendable bargaining chip - used as a last-minute give-up in order to get passage of an NDAA so the President can get something signed, so the DoD budgets don't get frozen or stalled under the threats of witholding paychecks to Servicemembers in combat zones.

Under a political rationale and other fiscal rules that bind up these issues, the "We have to balance the budget and get out of deep national debt", doesn't hold much allowance or hope for CRDP for Chapter 61's with under 20 years to get any traction and pass. Nor does it hold out much hope for the doughnut hole being patched for CRSC.

It's all about the money - the increase in costs to the national budget on either of these issues. Right now, this rationale seems to be trumping fairness and equity of these two issues needing improvements and funding.

But who knows - a miracle could happen - our elected representatives could pass something - some day.

I've just not seen changes in the NDAA on these two issues - yet.

But I watch very regularly and write my Congressmen and Senators when I get wind of specific bills being introduced to the committees or floors for discussion/votes.

Meanwhile, once in awhile we get a parade and a free meal as a "Thank-you for your service".

And we get hugs and kisses and handshakes all around from our elected leadership, and all the other Gucci shoes on Capital Hill.

Time for me to stake out my place under the overpass - it's raining outside.



If you have 25 years in the Army Reserve and you are only 45. Will you get CRDP at age 60 if you are med boarded


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If you have 25 years in the Army Reserve and you are only 45. Will you get CRDP at age 60 if you are med boarded
You have to have your retirement letter from the AR.

For some people, they end up serving 30 years in the NG/AR, as they spend time in the service, but don't get enough "GOOD YEARS".

So check with your retirement section and see if you have 20 "good", qualifying years. If you do, then GET YOUR RETIREMENT LETTER ASAP.

Also, some SMs get to get CRDP a little before age 60, providing they have qualifying early retirement time credits after 28 JAN 2008.

You can read more about early retirement credits for a before age 60 CRDP on this web site.

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