Is time allotted for a retirement ceramony?


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I'm currently in the MEB phase and do not expect to be retained. I will be over 20 yrs and am hoping to have a retirement ceremony. I have a lot of leave (65 days) and will get the 20 Permissive days. It looks like it's a pretty short turn from orders to starting terminal. Is time allotted for a retirement ceremony? It would be hard to organize and allow people to plan travel etc.. in 3 weeks.


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Administratively, there would be no additional time given for the purpose of extended ceremony coordination. However, feel free to inform your PEBLO (as you are signing your board findings/AF1180) that you would like to have a ceremony and when. He/she may or may not be able to submit that up with your documents for AFPC to approve and assign you a retirement date. It is unlikely that it would change your calculated retirement date, but it is worth a shot.

The general/basic calculation normally goes: Permissive TDY Estimate + Terminal Leave Balance + 30 days for out processing = Estimated Retirement Date Timeframe.

If that doesnt give you enough time, you could also sell half (or some) of your leave back and stick around the base/area for that additional month/time to allow more time for your loved ones and incoming guests to adjust and travel to your ceremony. If you choose to do that, also inform the PEBLO--as that would advise AFPC on the retirement date range they should assign you.

With my family, I had them prepped and ready to come at a moment's notice. I gave them the possible timeframe closer to when I believed my case was nearing the end and was on the way back from the VA & AFPC. I told them to be ready for a sudden phone call and sudden travel if possible. Not everyone will be able to drop everything and come in that situation, but it was the best I could do since the timeline was not mine to govern. It all worked out for the best though-- I ended up deciding to not have the ceremony and kept everything quiet and simple.

It looks like you have quite some time before you have to act on any of this, but I hope this information helps with your situation and decision, tbone.

Congratulations and thank you for your 20+ years of service!


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There is nothing that prohibits having a ceremony while on terminal leave. I did this because, like you, some of my guest needed time to plan travel. Thank you for your service. Best wishes.



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I was in the same boat as you. I finally just picked a date that would work whether they assign a Jan or Feb retirement date. I had my family prepped and ready to go, too. I wasn't able to invite everyone that I wanted, and most are flying in the night before and leaving the afternoon after. Plus, I'm pulling chalks 2 days after my ceremony (hopefully). I still don't have orders in hand. I set my retirement ceremony for 1 Dec. My work has already planned for me not showing up after that date.
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