It's Official: Final Placement onto the DoD PDRL is Approved via the Secretary of the Army!


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From an U.S. Army perspective, my official military disability retirement orders read "You were removed from the Temporary Disability Retired List on the date indicated because of permanent physical disability and, on the date following, you are permanently retired in your current grade of rank." :D

In retrospect, after a long 4 years and 17 days to include experiencing 3 DoD TDRL medical re-evaluations under the DoD LDES PEB process, my PTSD PEB-referred "unfit for duty" medical condition was finally determined to be "permanent and stable" for DoD (Army) rating purposes only! Note, that I had one other PEB-referred "unfit for duty" medical condition, but it was previously determined to be "permanent and stable" by the PEB when in the DoD IDES process. So, I was originally placed onto the TDRL at a DoD (Army) 50% disability rating with a combat-related injury finding by the DoD IDES PEB albeit I received a 100% rating for PTSD by a DoVA Rating Agency within seven month after becoming a military disabled veteran. Unfortunately, it took another 3.5 years (under the previous 5-year maximum TDRL tenue law) via PEB appeals to include a FPEB hearing while on the TDRL for the USAPDA to finally determine a DoD (Army) 100% disability rating and placement onto the PDRL.

Moreover, via the USAHRC's My Record Portal, I was officially aware of my placement onto the DoD military PDRL six days prior to the receipt of a 12.625" x 15" DO NOT BEND brown envelope on 20 June 2018 from the USAPDA TDRL Branch. Enclosed in the brown envelope were three items: a Removal from TDRL Notification Memorandum, Department of the Army (DA) Orders, and a Retirement Certificate (this was definitely a surprise since I already received one with a 26 May 2014 calendar date). With the DA retirement orders, I have already scheduled appointments for my family members and I at the nearest Department of Defense installation to receive a new identification and privilege card. My wife's eagle eyes noticed that the Retirement Certificate had the wrong calendar year; it was annotated as 2017. No worries. After contacting the USAPDA TDRL Branch to inform them of the error on the Retirement Certificate, on 22 June 2018 they forwarded a revised Retirement Certificate with the correct 2018 calendar year and it was received on 25 June 2018.

With that all said, it has been an extremely long TDRL journey for my family and I, but we are totally satisfied that I invoked all DoD LDES PEB appeal opportunities to ensure the receipt of a DoD (Army) 100% disability rating which aligns with my current DoVA 100% P&T rating for PTSD and its medical symptomology as annotated in 38 CFR VASRD. As such, remaining dedicated to a "positively proactive" approach throughout the entire TDRL ordeal has finally resulted in justice served for myself and my family! ;)

As I have posted innumerably in my threads & replies on the PEB Forum, "never default acceptance to any injustices; fight then continue to fight some more until receipt of your desired expectations supportive via all available medical evidence and/or medical documentation;" this is definitely my motto. It has helped to keep me somewhat focused to survive the TDRL ordeal and to ultimately receive successful final results during the TDRL Informal PEB proceedings. To all extent, I sincerely hope and pray that other military veterans can do the same if they decide to choose a similar course of action throughout their DoD IDES/LDES and/or DoVA VBA endeavors.

Indeed, to all of the PEB Forum members, please enjoy life to the fullest extend feasible and thanks for your continued support throughout the years while in the DoD IDES process on military active duty and the DoD LDES PEB process as a direct result of TDRL placement! :) Take care! :cool:

Thus, I quite often comment that "possessing well-informed knowledge is truly a powerful equalizer!"

Best Wishes!
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