I've been at 'Preparation for Decision' for a while, I was wondering if anyone could give any insight to my timeline?


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I'm active duty Army, being medboarded, and my case was received by the VA on June 8th, and I got my unfit memo that day too. Since then my eBenefits status has changed to 'Preparation for Decision,' and while I know that eBenefits shouldn't be relied on, at least that was something. I have heard that ratings for med boards have been coming back really quick. Other people on my post (Carson) have gotten their ratings back within 2-4 weeks. I'm just curious if anyone had any insight on when I could be hearing something back? Calling the VA hasn't yielded any results, I've only been told 'it should be done by February 2019' which to me sounds crazy, that must be some automated timeline thats generated. Anyone have any ideas or recent experience?

Thank you everyone for your awesome information, this forum is a great resource. Thank you!

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I'm right there with you. PEB forwarded my case to the VA on 22 May and I've been at Preparation for Decision ever since. I know a couple of guys who started their MEBs around the same time as me and they're already out. Sucks, but it's different for everyone and I don't think there's really a way to predict. I doubt you'll be waiting until February 2019 though.


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Mine was preparation for decision when I got out, it was closed out a couple of weeks after I got out.
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