JBLM Timeline


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18OCT19: P3 Profile submitted
23OCT19: P3 Profile signed/ Med board initiated/ met with PEBLO
28OCT19: Met with VA Rep
30OCT19: VA Claim submitted
19NOV19: C&P Exam
06DEC19: Last QTC Exam
18DEC19: NARSUM signed
19DEC19: NARSUM submitted to MEB (UNFIT)
20DEC19: NARSUM Forwarded to PEB
13JAN19: EBENEFITS shows "preparing for decision"

Hopefully ratings come in soon. Claimed 11 conditions.


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Our timelines are identical. I hope you get the ratings you are anticipating. All the best!


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I signed my NARSUM a day after you, two conditions “unfit” but so far it hasn’t moved at all. It seems to me that the hardest part of this is not really having accurate details as to where you in the process.
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