Job sites that cater to ex-Military/Vets


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I found this site to be a good resource looking for a military to civilian translation:
Crosswalk Search

Input your MOS or AFSC in the military block and hit search. It brings up the civilian equivalent to your military job. Lists the knowledge requirements, wages, etc... It's also a good source for building a resume since it describes what you did without the military jargon.


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Dear joshgo:

I like that website you posted as it let me convert my MOS to a civilian job skill. AND it had alot of "bullet" knowledge, skill, and ability phrases that are very useful for constructing a one-page civilian resume. Resume-building has always been a tough thing for me to construct. This website gives me lots of good stuff to copy and paste, making my resume alot easier to build!




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I know I am probably beating a dead horse here. But I am not finding anything anywhere and its not due to the lack of looking, its due to everything needing or rather requiring the person to lift over 25 lbs. I can barely hold my kid let alone lift whatever these companies want. Can anyone tell me another avenue to go through cause even the state says I don't even qualify for benefits. Now I am not saying that I am not getting my VA money, its that in this day and age no family can live off of what the VA gives you. What I can tell you is that this is making my PTSD more difficult to manage and I have never been so pissed. Other than my F*****g commander taking my stripe for my injury. need help
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