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My doctor just informed me he will be sending in the paperwork to start a MEB for me. I had an emergency surgery to remove my appendix which caused nerve damage and now a little over 7 months later, other severly limiting my physical activities and treating individual symptoms ie headaches/migraines, I suddenly developed acid reflux and severe stomach cramps, bad enough to send me to the ER for the 2nd time in my life, and giving my numbing injections to give me relief for a day or so. The numbness is getting worse the further I progress in physical therapy. We have been doing muscle relaxation in my abdomen because it had got locked up, but they think the nerve damage is keeping the muscles from relaxing all the way. They also think the some of the nerves are caught in the scar tissue. I am getting and EMG done to assess the damages. After speaking with my doctor, there is no real fixing this, just hoping the nerves heal on their own in the long run. And I've heard the horror stories of course of people being screwed over and being seperated with almost nothing. My flare ups keep me from barley being able to stand up, let alone walk and any change in my routine can do that and I'm so nervous about going through this process. I didnt want this either. I just want as much knowledge and resources as I can. I was told to expect a call in the next 2 weeks or so to go sit down and be told that the process was officially initiated, but not much else. I already have a case manager because I've had a lot of appointments and referals.
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