Just started the MEB/PEB Process, really stressed out, looking for help understanding things

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I met with my PEBLO for the first time today, and I left with a lot more questions than when I came. I was referred for the meb/peb because of a my back, I have two herniated discs at L4-L5 and L5-S1. The back issues have caused hip and leg pain on the right side, I had a discectomy on January 9th on both discs to try and fix it but it still feels the same after surgery, so on February 22nd my doctor recommended me for the meb/peb.

The PEBLO told me that I will get two disability ratings, one from the Army and one from the VA, and she stressed that I really want the Army one to be at least 30%. The way she explained it was that while the VA will rate me for all the stuff wrong with me, the Army will only rate me for whatever is making me unable to stay on active duty.

She said it was really important to make sure I get my records all in order, and that I should go see my primary care provider ASAP about any other issues I have. I wanted to know, if the Army rating is based on my back problems, will they take other issues that have stemmed from that into account? Here are a few things I have been diagnosed with that I am wondering if they will count towards the Army rating:

Adjustment Disorder W/Depression and Anxiety (They wanted me to see a physiologist and get on meds but I haven’t done that yet) (she said I wasn’t “adjusting” to my back injury)

Hearing loss W/tinnitus in left ear

Degenerative Disc Disease/Herniated discs/Lower back and hip pain

Sacroiliitis, Segmental and somatic dysfunction of thoracic region


Hypertension / 160 over 103 (currently on BP meds)

Will any of that help/go along with the back stuff toward the Army rating? I’m married with two kids, and I’m really stressed out about making sure they are taken care of regarding health care and all that after I get out. I have been fighting to stay in the Army for the last year, but at this point I have lost that battle and I just want to make sure I don’t mess this up at all.

Thank you very much for any advice/help, I really appreciate it.
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