Just starting a PDBR claim. Advice and help please.


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First off I want to say thank you to all of you for your service.

I was discharged from the Navy via PEB in 2007 with a 10% rating for bipolar disorder. I also believe I had an addendum of Asthma which was rated at 0%. Within four months of discharge the VA rated me at 50% for the bipolar disorder, and 30% for the asthma. My first question would be if this is a good case to even submit?

Secondly I have just started filling out my DD Form 294. Blocks 3 and 4 seem to be quite troublesome. I am really not sure what to put in these blocks. I mean is it enough to say hey just look at the difference. I know it is the government, but the difference here seems pretty obvious. They will be obtaining my PEB and VA results themselves if I am reading into this correctly. My biggest fear here is writing the "wrong" thing and hurting my own case. Any advice for these blocks would be amazingly helpful since I am a very poor orator.

Again thank you all for your service and helpful advice to my questions.

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I am in the same boat, not sure what to put in block 3 and 4. Will anything I add be considered, or will my medical records speak for themselves?


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I would suggest using Lawyers Serving Warriors to assist. My final application was 94 pages. If you're eligible
to use them, it seems to be well worth it.


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The way I look at it is, you only get one chance so it better be the best. It’s by no means a fast process and it’s even slower doing it with an attorney. But, hopefully the outcome will be better.
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