Just wen through Command Directed Mental Health Eval, now what


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I am an Air Reserve Technician, On Annual tour orders my commander directed me to a mental health evaluation. I went in to take about a 3 hour computer exam and the next day about a 3 hour interview with a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist diagnosed me with anxiety non specified, panic disorder, disyimia depression and major depression. From my understanding, she submits that info to my commander and says I am potentially unfit to perform my job as a reservist. Psychiatrist said its not her job to find me fit or unfit but simply to explain my issues to the CC.

Does my CC have to submit the info to an MEB, (which I'm hoping for) or can she simply administratively discharge me?


p.s. I have turned in my civilian provider counseling and psychiatrist items including medications to the military med group. Have been seeing counselor and been on meds for anxiety and panic since sept 2017.


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Edit: Just got a call from the Active Duty psychiatrist that interviewed me. She will be submitting "unfit", said I should be going through MEB process for.....

- Generalized anxiety with agoraphobia
- Major depression disorder moderate with anxious distress
- Substance use disorder active in remission (may or may not apply because I am already in civilian counseling and am not active duty, otherwise this would be ADAPT issues)
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