Korea Questions?


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I am currently in the army and stationed in Korea. I have had two P2 profiles for over a year. My PCM just gave me an updated p3 profile with a referred to MEB in the notes section. What time line should I be looking at when it comes to someone contacting me or PCSing to a WTU or what not? Also what should i expect with this process in Korea? Thank you in advance


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Hello Squidbomb!
Did you get any updates on your MEB from Korea? I am in Korea and meb have been initiated. I was told that I have to PCS to a WTU stateside to finish up. Can you tell me the process assuming you went thru the process already. Thanks


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I'm currently going through this process myself. It's very early on, but my doc told me that my commander would be getting a notification that he will have to sign and send up through my battalion and brigade commander. Apparently the maximum amount of time that those three can sit on it is 90 days and it sounded like I'd be PCS right after that to whichever WTU is closest to home. My process was just started a few days ago though. So we will see. I'm still looking for more info too.
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