LA Timeline



My process has been slow, but I wanted to list my timeline.

March 2011: First Lim Duty
Sep 2011: Second Lim Duty
Mar 2012: Permanent Profile issued and MEB begins.
Apr-May 2012: C&P Exams completed
June 2012: NARSUM completed and forwarded to Pensacola
Sep 2012: Ebenefits status changed to Pending Decision
Oct 2012: Had to remove 1 of the items off of Meb to finally have it mailed to PEB in DC

Hope the rest of the process picks up and I find out something soon. God Bless everyone on here.


Correction, my case is preparing for decision on Ebenefits. I hope that with two items for the PEB being PTSD and Crohns Disease both well documented that my case speeds up. I have been gone from my beautiful wife and two daughters for too long. Tire of living out of a suit case and just ready to go home. God bless all of you and good luck. Active bud!
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