Langley MEB Timeline


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After a few delays in the process, I was able to get a hold of my VA ratings. Like others have said, the VA guy at Providence at (401) 223-3700 is awesome and faxed my ratings when others wouldn't. My VA rating was 90% rounded down from 93%. I'm happy with it, but the VA doctor at my C&P exam either made a mistake when she filled out the DBQ for migraines or didn't believe me when I said I have them more than once a month. Getting a 30% instead of 50% there kind of screwed me. It wasn't one of my referred conditions, so I don't think I can use a VARR on it. Hopefully AFPC will do their part quickly.

21 Jul 17 - CC notified by PEBLO of MEB
27 Jul 17 - CC statement sent to PEBLO
7 Sep 17 - DAWG recommends full MEB
11 Sep 17 - PEBLO sends MEB package to AFPC
13 Sep 17 - AFPC recommends full MEB
14 Sep 17 - Initial meeting with PEBLO to sign MEB papers
15 Sep 17 - Meet with Military Service Coordinator and submit VA claim
03 Oct 17 - First VA appointment
6 Oct 17 - Second VA appointment
11 Oct 17 - Third VA appointment
9 Nov 17 - Last VA appointment
13 Nov 17 - Received C&P results from PEBLO
14 Nov 17 - Signed AF Form 618 (Medical Board Report)
15 Nov 17 - PEBLO sent MEB to PEB at AFPC
16 Nov 17 - Received message from APFC saying they received my MEB package
22 Nov 17 - VA received AF For 356 (I called Providence on 18 Dec 17. The VA said an internal suspense was broke)
18 Dec 17 – Move from Under Review to Preparation for Decision on eBenefits
20 Dec 17 - Receive email from Providence VA stating they accidentally sent a letter asking for dependent info, but to ignore it.
21 Dec 17 - Receive FAX with proposed ratings from Providence after I told them my MSC was out of the office
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