Last stages of PDBR??


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Hello -

New to forum. New to this process. Feel like I have a long road ahead of me. After doing my best to catch up on a lot of these posts I feel like I will be well supported with information.

I served from JAN/01 - AUG/03 - I was medically discharged due to bone deformities in my feet which were due to weight bearing. During the MEB process -- I was ordered to get on a plane, despite memo's from my doctor, to board the plane to Kuwait. I boarded, and carrying my gear up the stairs to the plane in Ft Bliss -- SNAP! My foot snapped from the weight - I was not seen until 2 days later in Al Jabar AFB Kuwait. When the Colonel found out I was being MEB -- and still deployed crap hit the fan and my 1SGT was relieved of his duty as well as the captain. I was shipped back home and medically discharged with 10%. I originally filed for VA in 2009 (6 years after getting out). I was awarded 80% -- this is now 100% with loss of use of foot.

I received a letter last month from the warrior transition group -- advising me of this program. I've submitted everything tonight. Given the little amount of time I had in (2 years 8 months) and getting out as an E4 -- I'm not sure there will be any type of money involved -- which is fine I'm self employed (I train dogs for DOD, DHS, Secret Service etc) so I have a nice income in addition to my VA money. I'm wondering what other benefits would there be if they found me 30+% ? Also will they backpay me the difference since I had to much pride to file for VA compensation for 6 years? I'm excited to go through this process with all of you and can't wait to get a forum veteran badge ;)

PS - Anyone know how you change your profile picture?
Hello fellow veteran, that's one hell of a story and I'm sorry you've went through it. No amount of money can replace what occured and how long we planned on serving our country. I'd imagine if there is any change to your 10% the VA money won't change because I'm guessing you were back payed those 6 years. Also if the service 10% changes to anything over 30% then I also "think" unless it gets changed to anything over 80% that it wouldn't change either. I don't know the differences with percentages from MEB/PEB that are greater than 30%. But if you are awarded 30% and Permanent Disability then you can Tricare, access to Commisary/military bases etc. That's about the only benefits I know of, especially if you were rated by the VA effective your discharge date. That is the boat I'm in right now. Good luck brother!


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I was not back paid from discharge date. I was back paid for 9 months during the VA process. I currently have access to bases and all that given I’m 100%. Tricare would be nice! We will see where it all lands. My story is pretty incredible but it’s led me to where I’m at, which I’m thankful for. Though it took me years to get over everything and not throw myself a pity party. ;)


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Doug called DFAS again today. Said he paperwork was in new accounts and the guy told him to call back next Wednesday. Said it was still being audited. So I’ll update next week when he calls again.
I also called DFAS again today. I was informed that nothing had been done yet regarding account creation or anything. They said they received my information on 11 August, but there weren't any notes or any other actions. The person I spoke with said she submitted a request to see if they are waiting on additional information from me, and that I had to call back on Wednesday to get the answer.

I'm pretty disappointed in DFAS so far. I don't understand why I would have to call to place a request to find out if I submitted all of the paperwork correctly, and why I would have to call again 8 days later to get the answer. After sitting on my retirement packet for 38 days that information should have already been relayed to me, or at the very least be available when I call to check on it. I feel like they are delaying on purpose.
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