Last stages of PDBR??

SSG Cedwards

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Good Morning Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines. I have been absent for some time now but want to ask if anyone has anything they can offer this process.

I received an email for the PDBR stating that my case is going through the medical review followed by the adjudication process. I've been waiting for almost years now, I am on scheduled. If assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Congratulations on receiving orders..
Lol on his picture. He looks really happy.
Thank you for the new update. This means mine should be right behind his.
Really he gets to go to a retirement ceremony that’s awesome. I was told by others that I wouldn’t be able to if my case gets approved but I’d get the certificates. I’d definitely be interested. However my last duty Station was Ft. Bliss TX and no desire to go back there. I live in MI and have two combat tours with the 101st and it’s closer to my house then Bliss so I think it would be fitting.
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