LDES or IDES for ARNG rated100% P&T


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After a 16 month battle with the ARNG over a PTSD LOD, my husband has been given a favorable LOD. In the meantime the VA has rated him 100% P&T scheduler rated PTSD lockedwith no future reexamination.

The ARNG has proposed the LDES vs IDES. Thoughts from the forum? I was thinking the EDES may be an option as well though, again, appreciate your thoughts.

Oh, and I have a question about back pay for LOD and SCADDL pay...I am anticipating a memo to the Command requesting both with USC DODI AR will be required...thoughts?

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I would recommend you ask Soldiers Counsel for advice. It is a free service provided by the USA for soldiers. They can advise your husband of the best option based on his circumstances.
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