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Hi...I was just wondering if I might be able to retire based on 20 years active service while undergoing MEB/PEB. I have 18 1/2 years of active federal service. I am in the very beginning stages of going through an MEB. What are the chances I can drag this out until I have enough time for a regular active duty retirement? Is it unusual for this process to take up to 18 months to complete?

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If you get to 20 years while undergoing the process, what would happen is one of two things: 1) you could be found fit, and then you return to duty (and apply for retirement normally...whether right away or at later point has nothing to do with disability at that point) or 2) you are found unfit and retired (with more than 20 years of service, you get the higher of either the percentage awarded or your length of service times 2.5%...with 20 yrs, this is at least 50%, so you are retired, even if your unfitting disability is rated at 0%).

There is wide variability in case processing times. I would do everything you can to take as much time as possible throughout the process.

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Also in the AF, you can throw down your retirement paperwork at 19 years exactly, and then your normally get a presumption of fitness as soon as your retirement paperwork is in.
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