LIMDU Orders?


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Quick background - I'm active duty navy; I recently had back surgery and am currently on ConLeave.

Because of the length of time it will take me to really recover, my IDC and CO are encouraging me to take LIMDU orders. Today, I got an email from my IDC saying that I should talk to my surgeon at my next appointment about getting LIMDU orders.

I'm just a little confused, as I thought I would get new orders through my current command not through my surgeon. Can anyone clear this up for me?



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LIMDU for the Navy is a strange process. First, only a doc at an MTF can recommend LIMDU, then they have to get a couple other docs at the MTF to agree, basically and they all sign off on your LIMDU form. Once, that happens, your command is notified and if it has been determined that you are unable to be accommodated at your present command due to your limitations, your command has to release you. Typically, if onboard a ship, you will be transferred off the ship to the shore TPD, and either ride out your LIMDU there, or, if you are not in a geographical location that can medically support your condition you will have to PCS. At any rate, typically, once your command transfers you, you will not return to the same command. You will normally be reassigned because your ship is operational and they need to count you as a loss to get a replacement sooner than later, especially with LIMDU because often enough, personnel do not continue with the service. Once you are nearing the end of your LIMDU your doc will re-evaluate you and determine to either return you to duty and you'll be up for orders, recommend you fir another LIMDU if you aren't healed, or recommend you for medical board.

It is good that you are expecting to recover fully, but you should still plan on all outcomes. Read up on SECNAVINST 1850.4 ... INST 1850_4e.pdf
Also, for specific questions, there is a Chief that stops by the forum from time to time that works PERS-45 LIMDU desk. His username is Nate47. His contact info is below. Good luck on your recovery.

YNC(SW/AW) Nathaniel Trice
Limited Duty Branch (PERS-45)
[email protected]
Desk: 901-874-3203


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I was recently told u would be assigned LIMDU. Does that mean I get actual, physical orders for that?
I also have orders pending to transfer in the next couple of months. Am I able to keep those orders or am I required to renegotiate?
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