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I was on Limdu in the navy for 2 herniated discs for my back in 2008. I was eventually found fit for duty and went back to my rate. I recently re injured my back and found I am getting surgery. My command freaked out and contacted our flight surgeon and requested I go on limdu. Pers 454 looked in my record a saw my previous limdu on my back and now is sending me to a medical board. I am concerned because I don't want to be discharged. I feel like I will be fine after recovery from my surgery but since I have been on limdu previously I fear the navy will just try to separate me. Is there anything i can do to convince the board i will be fit or will they just see my injury happening again. When I was on Limdu for a year in 2008 I never received surgery just back injections and then I was found fit. So I am unsure if they will take me needing surgery this time Into using it for operation or using it as i am now getting fixed to keep me in. Any advice or experiences will be appreciated
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