LOD 6 years later


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Ive been following these board for several months now as ive been waiting on my meb/peb process to finish up. I was so close to the end when my peblo asked if i had ever recieved an LOD for an incident that happened 5 years ago at a different duty station. After telling her no she said ok, and the v.a would not need one. However, after waiting on ratings for several weeks the v.a requested an LOD be accomplished to determine misconduct before they could complete my ratings. This sent everyone into disseray as it seems no one at my current duty station has seen this happen before. Ive talked to every agency to include my command, the JAG, OAC, PEBLO, and no one seems sure of how to proceed. Has anyone been through this before or have any guidance?

Been active duty Air Force for 6 years, and started MEB in february.
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