LOD Appeal in lieu of 1207a


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Thanks to all that post on here>

Air Guard Technician, 30+ total, 13+ TAFMS, Currently on orders greater than 30 days for shoulder. Had documented neck pain associated with AFSC just prior to this service. 8 months later developed cervical and lumbar radiculopathy. Two cervical injections and pending nerve burn on lower lumbar, on Meds. LODs submitted and returned.

NILOD, EPTS-YES, Not SA. Cervical disc degeneration w/polyradiculopathy C5-6. Does meet 8 year rule. Recommend referral to IDES.

JA concurs with SGs NILOD, EPTS, NSA determination recommendation for SMs diagnosed cervical disc degeneration with Polyradiculopathy C-5-6 disease based on review of the record as SGs medical opinion/expertise on the etiology of the cx lack of (and then blank)

Though his condition is of a chronic nature, he meets all criteria for the “Eight Year Rule’ per AFI 36-2910 para as he had greater than 13 years of total active service, is currently on title 10 orders for greater than 30 days when the condition became unfitting and has not been released from active duty within 30 days of commencing such period of active duty (under 10 USC) due to an EPTS condition not aggravated during the period of active duty.

I am being submitted to IDES for shoulder condition.

Do the NILOD/EPTS matter in lieu of the “eight year rule”, 1207a? Is it in my best interest to not appeal the NILODs and hope for speedy IDES entry as my current orders may end in 60 days.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Thanks for all you do!!


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I'm new to this thread but was wondering what has happened since this posting. I am in a similar spot. Thank you.


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Eight year rule only applies if you are on active duty orders for greater than 30 days when referred to MEB/PEB.
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