LOD for PTSD with a VA rating MEB,PEB


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Hey there. I know this thread was from ages ago, but I am having a situation that is similar to yours. When you say you kept your 100% VA rating, does that mean you kept your VA pay too? Because my rating from my re-eval stayed 80% for VA, but DoD/TDRL went from 70% to 30% but also put me on PDRL. Does this mean I keep my 80% VA pay and am now permanently retired or did the DoD screw me? Thanks.

Without knowing anything about you or your case I can tell you (with what you stated) that yes you keep your VA pay at 80% and get a 30% DOD rating then placed on PDRL status and are done with the DOD side of it. Meaning you cannot have your rating increased or decreased but being at 30% means having tricare for the rest of your life! Once you accept the DOD rating, you own it... The VA will continue to pay you at the 80% rate. Again I don’t know your case but that is what I know to be true from what happened to me. Congrats, Good luck and if you are not satisfied with DOD then APPEAL! Also if your injuries are combat related then look into CRCS. Semper Fi.
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