Hello PEBF family,

I stumbled upon this great website that has a plethora of knowledge and seems to be a lot of great people to help. I wanted to throw my situation out there and see if anyone has any advice.

I did 6 Yrs AD in Air Force , and did a palace front into the ANG. I have been a dual status Tech for last 9 years. I recently sought treatment for an injury i received during a deployment. This treatment was some strong anxiety and sleep meds. I reported to my on base clinic, the medication i was taking. This prompted my medical clinic to put me on a 469 "waiver".

The 469 restricted my access to flightline, handling weapons, operation of a GOV and my World Wide Mobility Status. My med clinic ordered me to provide them with doctors notes on my health. I was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression. My clinic suggested i do a LOD. I have initiated a LOD through my med clinic; however it is still in the infancy stages.

The incident occurred during a deployment about 10 years ago while i was on Active Duty. My question is about the legality of LOD being that the injury "stressor" occurred before I joined the ANG. There were triggers that happened during my ANG Dual Status time that I included in my LOD statement. The JAG on my base was not willing to correspond with me when i tried to ask about how a LOD process works. Not only was he not willing to correspond in relation to my questions he kept cutting me off saying i may be incriminating myself.

Not only am I confused about the process I feel as though I have no advocate in this process. I come here to get advice on what people think i should do . I have never been the type to lawyer up, but I feel as though the legal office on my base is there to protect interests of the unit and government and not those of the military members that serve this country. And that is probably by design. However it still leaves me confused on best way to proceed.

I have just filed a claim with VA. And I did initiate a LOD. I'm concerned because they revoked my WWM status. I think the reg is 9 months on this 469 and it prompts a med board. This all started simply because i disclosed the medication i was on. I am in fear, because i have 3 kids and wife. I am the only income for my family. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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I recommend you get an attorney. If the JAG is say you might be incriminating yourself, you should take it serious. Social media is no place to be talking about an issue which may incriminate yourself. Best wishes.
I would say that we have a voice. Incriminating would be if I done something wrong IMO. I have been very open and honest about everything so why would incrimination be of concern? I just
JAG is directed to give advice in the best interest of the gaining unit. Which in turn pits an individual service member’s disabilities against the board. The structure is flawed. If a service member such as myself expresses these issues, it better serves us all. I’m an open book as should all veterans and the paths that they have followed. I have a lot more to post on DOD ‘s stacked ratings especially on the LDES side...

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If you figure it out let me know. How did you initiate the LOD?

I was going to request an LOD to my commander. There is an AFI on LODs. I also read that older events from past active duty sometimes require higher approval authority thus taking forever.

I was considering keeping my LOD to more recent events only if it will get the job done.
An “In the line of duty” is something where an injury occurred during military status. It allows that condition to be considered during the Informal and formal Physical evaluation board. if it is the reason you are being medically non retained then it can be legally considered on your DOD rating.

The in the line of duty in my case was generated by the medical clinic on my installation . They are truly your only advocate in this process. Your commanders impact statement will be part of that once it goes to the DAWG. Along with a NARSUM. It is so confusing I still don’t understand a lot of it.

I didn’t request a LOD it’s something that medical evidence has to be provided to your medical clinic and they have to determine internally. And then it starts a very complex path to a bunch of agency’s.

Of course each branch of military has differences. I’m in the ANG so my situation could vary from yours.
I recommend you get an attorney. If the JAG is say you might be incriminating yourself, you should take it serious. Social media is no place to be talking about an issue which may incriminate yourself. Best wishes.
You are correct, I think discussing individual details of our disabilities would be best suited with a lawyer, doctor or other advocates on our side. I just feel the processes are very hard to understand and i have been going through the process for 20 months and I'm still left bewildered and confused. I want to be an advocate for other veterans. And once i finish PEB portion i will try to help and be a resource for those who are in the ANG and help them on the processes and maybe other branches if they mirror. I feel advocacy is severely lacking for service members and just general questions are very difficult to get a straight answer for.

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You must have a good ANG medical unit. Mine is clueless and typically does nothing until the member contacts the State. The NCOs are trained in the process (one) but it’s a single point of failure. One NCO decides what’s LOD or MEB worthy because the rest of the traditions and doctors have no clue.

The Army Guard has a much better process and soldier advocates. I am at my State Hdq this week comparing the processes. Army Guard is a much more formal process.
I think i would hire an attorney like Mr. Perry from the beginning if I had to do it over again. But i can say that the Air Force Wounded Warriors are a very good resource. I would reach out to them and seek consultation.

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Thanks. Keep me posted on where your at. It only took 6 weeks for me to get my VA rating. I’m unfit for Bipolar. Before the VA rating I was definitely headed to a non-duty PEB. Now the Med Group (our one NCO) is unsure what to do. He will figure it out. My reading of the AFIs for the Guard say a LOD will be required. I have the depression and PTSD also, but that’s not always unqualifying unless it’s been over a year, or doesn’t get better.
PTSD typically has to be connected with at least one event.
It will be hard to write an LOD for Bipolar. I might push for an LOD of PTSD or anxiety that aggravated the Bipolar during last deployment. All of the other diagnosis are in my medical file, but the VA only rated One disorder. The Bipolar disorder was the biggest.

Did your VA results come back yet?
Individual specifics are best left to our legal teams or advocates. I can say VA has done their part on my behalf. And I would say mental disorders are complex in the whole DOD system. I would let your doctors know exactly what is wrong, the best you can. But make sure all those documents go to your medical clinic on base. This will ensure that the reviewing officials have to make a decision on the entirety of the evidence. You can sign a release and have all these documents automatically sent to your on base clinic.

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I have had LODs done before. I have 3 in my file for injuries. Cut and dry type of stuff. Mental health issues like PTSD I am still trying to figure out how they do it. LODs have a 180 day time limit. Most people that have PTSD don’t develop or report those symptoms within 180 days. What regulation is used to go over the 180 days to duty relate. Anyone? USAF or DoD reference

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I am speaking from a Guard or Reserve point of view. Most guys I fly with have 10 years active duty before joining the Guard. I like to “shout” that out when I can. Most people don’t realize
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