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Hopefully someone here can help me. I am in the Army Reserves. I broke my hip during basic training and ended up with a LOD for that injury. The problem is two other injuries. I hurt my shoulder and ankle in two different instances. Each time, I was sent to the civilian ER. I had the paperwork (I do not know the form number) filled out by the ER dr. I turned it into my UA as soon as I left the ER. The forms were signed by my commander each time, but nothing was ever done with them. Fast forward to now, and I am in the middle of my disability claim. The MEB stated that my hip was caused by the military, but the other two were not. When I asked my PEBLO about it, she stated it was to late to get the LODs done. When I looked up the AR for it, it says that there is no definite time line and if it is late, then give the reason why. It also states that being late does not mean that it will be disapproved. The issue is that my unit does not seem to know what to do now. They have all my records and the forms filled out by the ER doctors. They just need to have the LOD actually done. Does anyone know if it has to be my commander start them, or is there somewhere else I can turn to?

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When requesting meetings and trying to contact other commands. It is very helpful when you use email traffic. Save the email traffic also


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You can start the LOD yourself. Just download DA Form 2173 yourself. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO TURN IN A LOD! NEVER! Use the previous one as an example. All you need is a signature. Whether he has knowledge of it or not he cannot refuse to sign it. I am an Army Reserves 1SG and the benefit of the doubt is given to the soldier. Your RSC will make the determination is it happened in the line of duty. You'll need the LOD signed by the Commander, and all of your supporting documents and medical records pertaining to your injury uploaded in the MEDCHART system in the LOD module your UA or whoever has access to the system. The MEDCHART system will automatically route your 2173 and supporting documents to the RSC in which they'll issue you a in the line of duty determination. The question is when you went to the civilian ER, was it during drill weekend? Also, did you take the LOD form 2173 with you for the doctor to sign? If the answer to the first question is NO, then your LOD claim will be denied all day. As for the second question, you can take the form to the ER where you went to have a doctor or PA to fill out the physician section. Please do not let them stand in your way. What RSC do you belong to?


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I have a question regarding LOD's and injuries during national guard drill. What is the procedure if a soldier after or during doing PT complains of pain to his/her knee ? Can a unit deny the soldier from going to sick call? Or mandate for soldier to go see their civilian Dr. And spend out of pocket if theres a military hospital within 7mi? Any feed back on this would be greatly appreciated.


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If you were on duty and you become ill or injured, your unit cannot deny your right to seek medical treatment no matter how minor it might be. If there is a medical clinic on base or if you have to go to urgent car from a civilian provider make sure you carry with you a Line of Duty form 2173 and have the doctor to fill out section 2 (this form is a must). It does not matter how far the civilian facility is away from your duty location. You can even go to a medical facility near your home if you choose. Just ensure to try to go during the covered dates of duty. If not then you can still go but may trigger a formal LOD. If followup care is needed your unit needs to ensure they provide that care.

Never pay put of pocket. The unit cannot ignore your request and then tell you to see their own civilian provider. It is the responsibility for the unit it to take care of injuries and illnesses sustained while traveling to or from drill from HOR and during the performance of duty whether its inactive or active duty. This can be found in AR 600-8-4 and AR 135-381. Tell whomever that you have Tricare even if you have insurance or not. If they try to verify Tricare and it shows up that you do not have insurance have them to file the claim anyway. Do not let the healthare provider intimidate you to give them your own insurance if you have it. Once you receive a bill turn it into your unit to send up the chain of command so it can get paid off.
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