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Hello!!!! Here me out. In 2004 in my husbands pre deployment physical they gave him a medical condition of COPD. "use inhaler and quit smoking". 9 days later they deployed him to Iraq(Balad). In his pulmonary test according to the VA's numbers would have been rate 10%. Ok 2009 he retires. 26yrs. Files for disability(by my pushing him). You serve you deserve. He always felt somebody needed it worse them him. So he put in for "breathing problems". 14 months later "denied". It said A formal finding of unavailabiltv(medical records) was made after responses were received from records management. st Louis. If these records are found at a later date, this decision will be reconsidered. If different results that decision will be in effective as of this pending claim. He never pursued the claim after that. Years later 2018 COPD became servere. He died June 2022. This of course COPD is presumptive now. Yes I have applied for DIC still in the review stage. My question is, I know its a long shot but I as the spouse, can I somehow try to reopen this claim, such as a supplemental claim? That is money that we could have lived off of. I wouldn't care so much but it just pisses me off that they sent him to Iraq with a condition such as that. He lost 44% of his lungs from 2004 to 2018. He probably didn't have any when died. It was rough. DCert says he died of COPD. I just can't get a denifinitive answer anywhere. btw we met online while he was in Iraq, married 15 years. RIP Dan


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Contact the local DAV and ask to talk to the Veterans Service Officer. Many counti also have a VSO.