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I am reading the posts and seeing that this process is long and tedious. I was given a MEDSEP in 04' and got notified about the PDBR several years later. I compiled the docs and got all the rating letters etc and sent the whole package in as directed, then I never heard anything after that. I am looking for some help from those of you that have been at this for a while, where do I go to get the basic information about my appeal? At a minimum I just want to know that it was received, I have only found 1 e-mail address and I have yet to get a reply to anything sent to it. I will appreciate any info provided.


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Dozens of threads and comments about the PDBR process are on this board at THIS LINK.


I have no expertise with the PDBR process, but there are several on this board who might be able to assist you (i.e., chaplaincharlie; odd pedestrian, gsfowler; and Warrior644–no particular order).

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