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Good Evening,

So looking for some help or any assistance.

A little background I have been in for 13 years now. My back pain began about 2 years ago. I have done Physical Therapy and have had MRI done. The results then were 2 discs bulging L3 and L4, spinal canal narrowing, and degenerative disc disease. Also reading my results again I found this...Lower Thoracic spine: Incompletely evaluated left central disc protrusion at T11-T12 which appears to contact the lower thoracic spinal cord. Nobody has ever mentioned anything about that.

Anyways I have seen Pain Management. They have performed epidural steroid shot, and I have had two RFA's. The first one was good the second one was very painful and did not last more than 3 months. Pain Management has now also sent me to see Functional Restoration Clinic.

I was seen by Ortho-Spine in which I was put on LIMDU to see how I would do after RFA and to continue physical therapy to get me to a good point. I came off it last year in August.

I am an AT currently moving and storing HAZMAT all day right now. But I can barley do it anymore with my pain intensifying. Pain going down my legs and left foot tingling from time to time. I have asked about being moved to a lesser demanding role but to no luck. I have seen my medical department as well and they don't seem to care either just giving me Meds and send me on my way.

I spoke to the doc at the functional restoration clinic about my increased pain and he said it was time to go to back to see your ortho doc since it has been over a year now. I go and see him tomorrow afternoon.

What are my options here? I am coming home in so much pain everynight and not getting anywhere with my command. Thank you for your help in advance.


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I'd start by asking for a second opinion. Take your MRI pictures and reads with you. Explain to him/her the demands of your work and your difficulties at work. Ask him to write a prescription regarding work limitations. Make copies. Keep one for yourself, give another copy to your chain and the original to your PCM. Then ask your PCM to issue a profile.

If you PCM refuses to write a profile sequentially take the following actions: 1) go to the patient advocate 2)talk to your PCM's supervisor 3) the IG, and 4) file a Congressional. Write memos for the record on each encounter and their response.
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