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So i left the army in 2007 and wile in the army i got hurt in airborn school and depoloyed i was hurt in airborne school and before and after to make a long story short as i was leaving the army i had in my hands my medical file it had everything it was saposed to have in it i read it i handed to the army people as i was leaving the army and i went to the va i was a part of the paperless program and they would not relise my medical to anyone at first and was draging there feet well to make a really really long story short the va was not giving my full medical file someone after i left the army droped the stuff ont he floor i knew it was there and i have found out 13 years later it is not that the medical va has me as service connected and the pay va does not..

now the best news ever i have gotten is that the vso has someone int her in green bay wi that finaly knows how to find out and the really shitty thing is i have the info they dont i have all my sick call paperwork my commander and first sargent put on paper in 2006 what happend to send to the department of the army i have a coppy of that they said everything that i have said for around 13 years now and its all here i kept coppys of everything that i was givin now y am i saying all this y am i telling you all this i want you all to not go thu what i did please go and check your shit get copys of everything because EVEN IF YOU DONT HAVE IT you can get the people you worked with and your family to put on paper so you basicly go and va will recognize it please this is not a joke or lie please check your shit i was lied 2 for 13 years because the va didnt know since someone went into my file and took the shit out i know they did i read it before hand please guys and girls check your shit thanks you for reading this i just want to help


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You are on point. We must all take care to copy our own medical work... Stuff happens and your are in denial if you think it can't happen to you.

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thank you the crazy thing is i talk to a battle of mine he told me it happend to him and 6 other people we depolyed with so its really scary take care thank you for your time
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