Looking for info on PEB unfitting conditions


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I'm new to the forum, so excuse me if this is asked elsewhere. I was recently diagnosed with a heart condition that's listed at 60% in the VASRD. I'm a drilling reservist in the AF with 13 yrs active time, and it looks like I'll be starting the PEB process. I'm trying to find out the likelihood that this will be deemed unfit and medically retired. None of the AFIs seem to lay down guidelines (ie, two missing toes is fine, three is unfit, one missing lung is fine, but two is bad, etc etc). Can anybody point me in the right direction? Or is it all up to the doctors in the board and their opinions at the time?


PS: I also put this in the outcomes section as well. Mods, feel free to delete the one in the wrong spot. Sorry! (No worries; other post deleted by @Warrior644)
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Look in the MSD. The MSD is found in the resources section of this website. Choose resources button in the black banner near the top of the screen.
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