Looking for some help and advice


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Hello all,

Some background info before I start. First off sorry for any mispells I have been following this furom since my career has changed.

E6 11years tis (might get picked up for 7)
4 Combat deployments

I'll try and keep this short. I have always been a great soldiers and lead form the front for my guys wether I was platoon sgt or a young team leader. I took pride in raiseing my guys not just the physical stand point but how to handle there finances,family and career. The army has giving me so much and I have giving my all to it and my guys. I have had ups and downs just like many people within this furom.

I would like to first of all thank anyone that has taken the time out to read what I have written. Thank you for you time and anything advice.

I came down on drill orders back in sep 2017. JANUARY 2018 I finally found a doc that was willing to fix my right knee he falt out said that the operation May not fix the issue. Well fast forward 5 months and I have different type of pain in my right knee. I have spoken to the surgeon about possible MEB because I told him I physically do not feel like I can lead my soldiers. I refuse to be limited in my ability physically for my men. He told me that in August which would be the 6th month mark that he would put me in for a referrral to the MEB said somethinf about mrdp if it does not improve. It has not improved. I have always been a 300 pt score soldier. So this is a hard pill to swallow but my family has seen me give 100 percent and my knee give out one to many times that it's embarrassing to me to fall in front of my daughter's.

I was going to shoot for 20 years but that's not going to happen I think. Anyway my drill orders got derfered to end of August and I see my ortho beginning of August in which I may get a referral for MEB. I sent an other deferment up for drill in hopes it'll get pushed.

Once I get a referrral from ortho for MEB and my PCM puts it in will it delete my orders?

Also I was attending BH for about 6 months in 2012 tricare online says I was diagnosed with adjustment disorder with axienty.( I was not fully open about everything)

I have been seeing BH since April 2018 also and not sure what they will diagnosed me with I have been trying to be more open.

I am also in intrepid spirit medical center for tbi issues.

Will I be rated at 30 percent? I know it's had to tell without more info and if anyone is willing to listen or help I'll be thankful. I'm just tired of thinking about it every single day.

Thank you.


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Just my opinion, but reaching the 30% with back or knee issues is always tricky due to the tests performed to determine the rating.

One of the most common complaints I read on this board is how the ROM tests were not done properly and heavily argued/appealed.

Only being 6 months into the injury and 11 years of service, it seems to me you still have a chance to make the 20 if you can get through the knee issue.

The Adjustment Disorder is not usually a boardable issue unless its labeled as "chronic".

Don't let being hurt get you too far down. A lot of changes happen in the body when you get hurt for an extended amount of time and not doing your normal routine/workout.


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Thank you for the reply chaps z.

Yes I don't see myself receiving 30 percent for my knee. I thought that I could try and appeal down the road to add adjustment disorder with anxiety. My understanding is that if it's adjustment disorder with something like depression or axienty that it might be able to be added to unfit. I'm not sure tho. I just want to ensure my family is taken care of. I guess it'll become more clear once the new BH lady diagnosis me.

Also being seen for TBI.

I try not letting it get me down but when I was a platoon sgt and than get hurt and pulled and now work in the place nobody wants to be the good ol training room it's not good lol.

My operation was a weird one they had to reconnect my ITB band so they drilled a whole into my fibula and made a metal anchor for it. Not many cases of this have been documented and seen from what I was told. And recover considering I'm 11B was 50 50 chance.

And at this point I won't be able to conduct a PT test. they still have me on orders for drill school smh. Im guessing if my deferment doesn't go through or get put in for a meb before the 29 of Aug I'll show up and be a med drop because of the profile.
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