Lots of questions please advise!


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Long story short ive been going through the PEB process and am still currently. Both my Peblo and Attorny advised me to check in with them in the begining of July for an update on where my package was. I got a bit anxious and decided to call them a few days ago. My attorny said that my package was found unfit and that it was with the VA and had been rated 100% and that it would be a few more weeks before it came back to the meblo. Now my Peblo told me the same thing minus the VA rating and when i asked if he could see one he said no it was still being rated and was with the VA. My first question, how can the attorny see a rating but not my Peblo? Second question, about how long before the package gets to the Meblo so that i am able to be briefed on all the ratings etc.? Third question, the attorny told me that technically these results are unofficial but almost all times he never sees them change. That being said has any experienced their results changing? Thanks for any advice and input!!


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Perhaps they are talking different ratings; VA and DoD. PEBLOs are told not to release ratings until the final decision is reached. You can't blame them for wanting to keep their jobs.
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