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Low Rating or No Rating for PTSD? Check this out!


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They just gave my husband a 0% rating for his PTSD we do have a formal board hearing on the 2nd. He has been off his meds since 2010 and out of therapy since the same time frame on his 199 the board stated their concern is that they are worried that his symptoms would return if they brought him back but other then those concerns they find him completely stable. We are appealing the 0% unfit for duty finding and asking that unfit be changed to fit. Lets hope that he can show them that their is soldiers out there that are not going to snap if returned to active duty.

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I am assuming this is a TDRL case? And an IDES case?

If so, he should be rated by VA not the military. I disagree that the PEB has jurisdiction over rating these cases. The DTM 11-015 describes the procedures for rating members on TDRL. However, the PEBs (so far) seem to not be applying this regulation appropriately in these cases.