Lower back pain


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Not sure if I am posting this in the right thread as I am fairly new to this site. Looking for some advice/knowledge so thank you in advanced.

About a month ago I injured myself while preparing for a powerlifting meet (deadlifting). Thought it was just sore but after a few days of constant pain I went to family health to go see a doctor. They prescribed me muscle relaxers and ibuprofen. Put me on a no working profile for 4 weeks since my job is physically demanding (crew chief). Recommend seeing physical therapy. Nothing seems to be working. Got x-rays, came back clean. They now want to schedule me for an MRI for a possible herniated disc.

I can’t bend down without feeling pain. Standing/walking for too long my lower back spasms and gets weak. Doing physical activity makes it worst.

I am unable to preform duties at my job and do PT. Haven’t gone to the gym since my injury occurred.

Not sure if I’m wording it correctly, but was seeing if its possibe if I get MEB or medically discharged. Unless those are the same things. I am only 20 years old. Don’t want to make my back worst and have lingering back pain for the rest of my life. At this point I’d rather just finish school and work a non physically demanding job.


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I think you are a long way from an MEB. The treatment you have received is typical conservative medical treatment for a back injury. The MRI will provide more information. X-ray shows bones best while an MRI show soft tissue like disc better. Back pain is usually very disconcerting. But at this point you have not even received a firm diagnosis, much less completed a treatment plan for the final diagnosis. Could a MEB happen, yes. But right now you are still in the diagnosis stage.
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