Marine TDRL Re-Eval Question


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I tried searching but couldn't find anything.

My story in a nutshell, TDLR for psych following a six week paid vacation at an inpatient facility and another 4.5 months in a partial hospitalization program. My re-eval isn't for another year (that will be the 18 month mark). How do they rate you at that as far as how things have change? I was rated at 70% for GAD, Bi-polar II, and OCD, and 0% for an eating disorder. If i'm stableish because I'm medicated and know/avoid my triggers, will they say fit for duty, or is that one of those things where if you require medication they won't touch you? What would happen is they said fit for duty, I went back, and then had a meltdown a month after I was back?

The VA rubbed me the wrong way, so I've been seeing a private care with TriCare. Should I be providing the VA a copy of everything I get? I was told that if you don't show the VA you are actively getting treatment for a disability you are getting paid for, they can suspend the pay (this isn't just for psyych).


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While on the TDRL, you will be scheduled for a review exam that can be conducted at a major MTF or may be initially performed based upon records that you provide. No one is going to stop either your TDRL pay or VA disability compensation pay because you are not regularly providing the VA or the Navy with copies of your medical records. When it is time for the Navy re-eval, you should first ask your mental health providers to complete VA DBQ forms for you. If they do and their responses to the critical questions regarding your degree of impairment match the appropriate rating criteria, you will find that the TDRL Coordinator at the PEB will be glad to have the IPEB members review it in order to see if it provides a sufficient basis for an initial decision. If it does not, then they can always coordinate with PERS to schedule an exam at your nearest MTF. The beauty of seeing Tricar providers is that you can request your records now and see what the providers are reporting. If they are wildly inaccurate or just being jerks, then you simply find a new provider. It is easy to change Tricare providers and essentially have a fresh start elsewhere- it is not quite so easy to do so within the VA medical system.
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